Municipal Council approves the allocation of (3) economic zones in Al Abdali, Al Naim and Al Wafrah

Kuwait Municipal Council approved to adopt the feasibility study prepared by KDIPA to establish the 3 economic zones, in the following areas Al Abdali, Al Naim and Al Wafrah, that aims to create a commercial gateway between Kuwait and the Gulf states, on 30 May 2016.

Each economic zone addresses specific sectors as outlined in the feasibility study:

  • Al Abdali area near the northern part of the Arabian Gulf will address a number of stimulating sectors such as coke and petroleum products, logistics and storage given its close proximity to the railway line, as well as waste management and other activities.
  • Al Naim area will be the central focus for the expansion of basic industries, providing facilitates for environmental concentrated industries at a low cost, this is in line with the country’s long-term vision to promote the growth of smart industries and renewable energy technology.
  • Al Wafra area located in the southern region will aim to support cross-border economic growth providing a supportive environment for businesses and easy access to major urban centers and key commercial locations.

The 3 key economic zones managed by KDIPA will promote long-term industrialization that connects Kuwait’s innovative companies to regional and global markets. Furthermore, in line with the Municipal Council’s approval, KDIPA’s department of Economic zones is now in the process of finalizing the design plans and the project roadmap.