Economic Zones

Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority has three Economic Zones (Abdali, AlNa’ayem and AlWafra) that were established based on Law No. 116 of 2013.

Economic Zones Vision

The Economic Zones provides investment opportunities for direct investments within the country to support the country’s economic diversification objectives. This in turn provides job opportunities as well as social benefits to Kuwaiti citizens.

“A Northern Gateway for International Trade”

Area: 5.02 Km²

Geographic Position:

  • Northern Kuwait, near the border of Iraq
  • It is 90 kilometers from Kuwait Metropolitan Area. Adjacent to the proposed site are large plots of Al Abdali farms.

Thematic Position: Export Industries.

One of the major assets is its access to planned GCC Rail line and major highways. This will allow mobility, resources, and trade to be integrated into Abdali’s potentially significant Gulf region commercial center. Abdali will become a trade and industrial hub linking industries across borders to capitalize on growing local and regional opportunities.

“A Central Location for the Expansion of Core Industries”

Area: 6 Km²

Geographic Position:

  • West of Jahra Governorate, on the road to the border port of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It is 70 kilometers west of Kuwait Metropolitan Area.

Thematic Position: Core Industries

It too is connected by proposed GCC Rail line and major highway access along the Al Salmi Highway that connects to the Saudi border. Al Na’ayem will become the home for the growth of land-intensive industrial activities and renewable energy technologies, ideally placed to capitalize on regional opportunities in these growing sectors.

“A Southern Gateway to Cross-Border Economic Growth”

Area: 7 Km²

Geographic Position:

  • Southern Kuwait, within the Ahmadi Economic Governorate.
  • It is 65 kilometers southwest from Kuwait Metropolitan Area and in route to a KSA border crossing.

Thematic Position: Clean Industries

Al Wafra Economic Zone provides a supportive working environment for investors looking to locate among a diverse set of high value business clusters within easy reach of urban centers.

Al Wafra will become a hub for incubating, launching, and connecting innovative companies to the most important regional and global markets.