4-Apr-2012, Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau (KFIB) has re-opened its airport branch at Kuwait International Airport Departure Lounge on Sunday 1/4/2012. This step came upon completing the full renovation of the branch and equipping it with the needed facilities. The branch has first operated through the period from February till December 2011, hosting around 400 visitors and responding to their inquires, in cooperation with Head office. Two KFIB staff members were assigned to manage the branch, entrusted with the task of supporting KFB mandate in attracting investors to settle in the country through explaining the role of KFIB, benefits under FDI law no.8/2001, providing services, responding to their inquiries, as well as providing them with marketing & promotional kits, and facilitate their entry procedures in cooperation with the General Department of Migration, in order to attain the KFIB objectives and support a conducive and favorable investment environment.