5-Feb-2012, Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau(KFIB) held a 2-day workshop during the period 31/1/2012- 01/02/2012, under the theme ‘Understanding the Role of International Institutions and How to Benefit from their Capacity Building Programs”, in cooperation with Yanof Training & Consulting. The workshop, which is the 7th of a series of capacity building workshops planned for this fiscal year, was presented by Ms. Karine Martinez, an ex-WAIPA executive and independent consultant with several international organizations. The workshop focused on highlighting the role and mission of 11 selected organizations, their memberships, flag publications, and areas of technical support, to facilitate identification of specific domains, where KFIB can directly benefit through the country’s membership in these organizations. The workshop concluded suggesting an overall proactive strategy for Kuwait to enhance its position as financial and commercial centre based on identifying domains, selecting partners, and specifying products in a virtuous cycle cemented by a process of appropriation.