17-Jan-2013, Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau(KFIB) attended a 4-day workshop on Kuwait’s “Digital Oasis“ project, organized by the Central Agency for Information Technology(CAIT), in cooperation with the World Bank. The workshop was held during the period January 13-16, 2013 at CAIT offices; this project is part of CAIT’s projects under the current Economic Development Plan.

International experts covered the main themes of the workshop which tackled the historical development of Science & Technology Parks from the fifties till the present time based on actual experiences,  identifying opportunities and challenges. Sufficient time was allocated to discuss the success factors of such a project in Kuwait, the potential obstacles, as well as determining the aspired for objectives. The “Digital Oasis” will be implemented by CAIT in cooperation with various concerned parties to establish the knowledge eco-system to support the creation of an IT cluster with forward and backward linkages to the society, enhancing the creation of jobs for Kuwaitis, and establishment of SMEs. KFIB is expected to play an integral role once CAIT implements this project especially in promoting the project in international markets, attracting needed investments to foster technology transfer and settlement, providing for job creation, as well as quality training opportunities