A delegation from KDIPA attended the International Association of Encouraging Investment Authorities conference

23 June, 2015: A delegation of  Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (the Authority is headed by Mr. Mohammad Yousef yaqoub, assistant Director General For Business Development and its membership is Mr. Naser Al-Salman, Project Evaluation and Granting Incentives Division, and Mr. Mohammad Al-Mithin, Investors Service, (One Stop Shop Department) has attended the 15th conference of International Association of Encouraging Investment Authorities (WAIPA) which was held in 14th and 16th June, 2015 in Milan, Italy. Investment promoting authorites from more than 65 association member countries attended the conference in which various topics about promoting direct investment in countries essential roles in advancing national economies and creating employment opportunities were discussed. Some experts have discussed issues about promoting the role of direct investment in competitive creative initiatives support. The conference included general assembly of the association in the presence of all members to elect a new board of directors and a vice-president. 2014 Annual and financial report of the association was also reviewed. The association office was moved from Geneva, Switzerland to Istanbul, Turkey. It’s worthy of mention that the Association was established in 1995, however Kuwait became a member since 2006.