Kuwait Foreign investment Bureau (KFIB) participated in the 2nd Kuwait Festival Week in Dubai titled “Kuwait in Dubai” held under the patronage of the Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance Sheikh Hamadan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum during the period of 4-6 November 2013 at Dubai International Financial Centre. The Kuwaiti Health Minister and a diplomat from the Kuwaiti Embassy attended the event. Attendees of more than 50 organizations representing both the public and private sectors took part in the event. The accompanied exhibition provided a good opportunity to showcase achievements in various sectors including investment, economy, industry, education, media, tourism and health, as well as presenting channels to increase bilateral investment opportunities in various fields including communications, information technology, tourism and real estate, strengthening the relation between the two countries, exchanging views on potential economic developments to open up new horizons for the economic and commercial cooperation.