KDIPA co-hosts an Impact Measurement & Management workshop with UNDP for its employees

Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) co-hosted an Impact Measurement & Management workshop for its employees with UNDP to boost the private sector’s role in sustainable development for its employees, on Tuesday 23 April 2024 at UNDP Kuwait headquarter. 

This workshop aims to provide KDIPA employees with an in depth understanding of the Impact Management & Measurement systematic approach that helps in assessing and evaluating the long term social, environmental, and economic outcomes of the organizations. It also enhances operational and financial performance, demonstrate commitment to stakeholders, investors, and costumers, it mitigates risks, ensure long-term viability, and drives positive social and environmental changes that foster more inclusive and sustainable future. An effective IMM framework outcome will contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and facilitates the identification and measurement of impact before and after investments are made.  

Participated in the workshop: Mrs. Fatima Hassan Al-Sayegh Director of Technical Office and Competitiveness, Mrs. Dalal Al-Jaser from Technical Office and Competitiveness, Mrs. Fatima Buabbas Head of Qualification and Training Section, Mrs. Fatemah Al-Sallal from Qualification and Training Section. Mr. Ali Al-Bannay, Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah, Mrs. Rana Al-Omaim and Mrs. Muneerah Al-Mulla from Investor Services Section. Mr. Mohammad Jafaar from International Agreements Section. Mr. Halban Al-Halban from Studies and Statistics Section. Mr. Bader Al-Neghaimshi and Mrs. Dalal Al-Rashed from Planning & Development Section. Mrs. Jana Al-Radhwan, Mrs. AlSafa Al-Rashed and Mrs. Fajer Al-Mutairi from Investment Projects Follow-up Section. Mrs. Farah Al-Ojairi from Technical Operations Section. Mr. Ahmed Al-Mayouf from Investor Targets Section. Ms. Reem Al-Eissa and Mrs. Samarah Al-Ali from Partnership Improvement Section.