KDIPA participated in the KPPC lecture on Using Nudging in Public Policy

Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) participated in the latest Kuwait Public Policy Centre (KPPC) Lecture Series titled “Nudging Britain: Stories from the UK’s Quiet Revolution” given by Ms. Evie Monnington Taylor, held on March 18, 2019 at the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (GSSCPD) headquarters. Ms. Taylor, is a Senior Advisor at the Behavioural Insights Team(BIT), which is considered the world’s first Nudge Unit, operating in the UK and around the world. The lecturer provided successful examples where the use of nudging as behavioral science works better, compared to traditional policy levers, to effect desired positive changes. Ms. Taylor presented case studies in particular reference to three areas relevant to “New Kuwait 2035” pillars: Health, Education, and the Economy. She concluded on an extra bonus example covering nudge intervention used for reducing speeding tickets in the UK.

KDIPA was represented by Mrs. Mona Salim Bseiso, and Ms. Fajer Faisal Al Mulaifi, from the Director General’s Office.