May 14, 2015: Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) management team participated in a seminar on “The People Side of Innovation”, given by Dr. Blair Miller, Founding Partner at FourSight, that took place at its premises on May 13, 2015, organized by the Innovation & Enterprise Directorate (IED) at the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS). Mr. Mohamed Yousef Yaqoub welcomed the lecturer and both Mr. Faisal Al Matrouk and Dr. Lubna Okashah from KFAS. The seminar lasted one hour and it covered the three step research based and applicable approach to foster innovation in the work place by covering creative problem solving, discovering thinking styles, and building diverse thinking teams. The participants developed an understanding of their preferences and thinking styles (clarifier, ideator, developer, implementer) as well as gaining some practical tips for unleashing their potential when facing challenges and problem-solving. KDIPA Assistant DG thanked the lecturer and KFAS Team and hoped to sustain this fruitful cooperation in areas of mutual concern.