The Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau, announced a Logo Design Contest for the Kuwait Direct Investment promotion Authority (KDIPA), established under Law No. 116 for 2013 for the Promotion of Direct Investment in the State of Kuwait. The contest is open to the general public, with the aim of raising awareness on KDIPA’s economic role, encouraging the local artistic talents, and broadening the scope of engagement. A list of technical specifications and intellectual property rights was prepared to be abided by for those who wants to take part. Also, the selection criteria was developed to be used by the Panel of Judges to assess the contesting designs and decide on the winner. Participants will submit their logo design by email. The contest is open for a period of 3 week from date of announcement on November 11, 2013. The winner will be rewarded a cash prize and a letter of appreciation.

For more information please visit website or call KFIB (KDIPA).