28-November-2012, Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau(KFIB) held a 2-day workshop during the period 11- 12 November 2012, under the theme “Principles and Mechanisms of Excellence in the Provision of Investor Services and Aftercare and How to Apply the KAM method in the Investment Promotion Agencies” at Radisson Blu hotel,  in cooperation with Nobel International Training & Consulting. The workshop, which is the second of a series of capacity building workshops planned for this fiscal year, was presented by Mr. Neda Aldihany, marketing consultant and CEO of Brilliant Lab company. The lecturer provided  valuable skills and information to participants, and covered topics related to utilizing  Key Account Management (KAM), and how to deal with investors, and basic principles of good negotiations. The workshop focused on live case studies,  in dealing with investors, focusing on practical applied methods that enhanced the theoretical content, in order to achieve  stated goals.