Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau (KFIB) hosted the Moroccan economic delegation on Wednesday, 26/10/2011, with the attendance of a group of businessmen representing various sectors including banks, investment, information technology, and financial consulting companies.

The Chief of the Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau (KFIB) welcomed the delegation with a short statement outlining the role of KFIB, and the services it provides for investors, pointing out the most important incentives and guarantees granted under the current FDI law, in addition to open sectors and investment activities for FDI in the country.

He focused on the main objectives that determine the decisions of the Investment Committee on applications of foreign investment projects, which includes transfer and settlement of modern technology, managerial expertise and marketing, job creation and training for Kuwaitis, and fostering the role of the local private sector.

He also presented the priorities of the Government Kuwait based on the strategic objectives and policies of the Development Plan, welcoming the Kingdom of Morocco investment in the State of Kuwait.