31-Oct-2012, Kuwait Foreign Investment Bureau (KFIB) is pleased to announce the approval of the Council of Ministers in its meeting of October 14, 2012 as per Decision No.(1145) on the study presented by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to add the ‘Education & Training’ sector to the other economic sectors permissible to foreign investors, according to FDI Law No. 8/2001. This decision will raise the open sectors for FDI to a total of (14), and would provide more lucrative investment opportunities for both foreign and local investors. The new open sector of “Education & Training” is considered an important conduit for building human capital, and improving the country knowledge base, as well as facilitating the settlement and transfer of technical knowhow. This will provide a direct channel to benefit from foreign expertise in developing local competencies, especially for the youth that formulates the majority of the population, bridge the widening gap in demand for educational services, and establish world class technical and professional training institutes.